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General exhibition terms for artists.

  1. Gallery Sigvardson accepts Artists who are known or still unknown at national or international level, therefore we may also select “emerging” artists little known to the public.
  2. Works representing all techniques, artistic trends and currents are considered: painting, sculpture, graphic arts and drawing (in pencil, charcoal, pastels, gouache, water colours, ink, engravings on paper and other materials), mixed medium, installation, photography and digital art.
  3. The participation fee covers the costs to rent the space and organise the show, administrative costs, advertisement in national, international web sites, Refreshments and drink's to be served opening day.
    It also serves to prevent artists from canceling their participation at any moment and compromising the quality of the exhibition.
  4. The general public is invited to attend the exhibition. Gallery Sigvardson will encourage public attendance through publicity of the exhibition.
  5. 1. Exhibition period 4 weeks ( can, after agreement, be extended ).
    2. In addition to wall space, it is possible to use floor space to include sculptures and installations in agreement with the Gallery Sigvardson
    3. Exhibition fee from € 350 to € 375, depending on which exhibition section you choose.

    You find the plan drawing and prices for each section here

    4. Artists are not required to be present during the exhibition, but we appreciate if you have the possibility to do so.
    5. Each artist is responsible for transportation and insurance costs to and from the gallery.
    6. We take 20% commission on art sales.
    7. The agreement about exhibition is not final until Gallery Sigvardson has received part of the exhibition fee. At least 350 Euros when date has been set, and the rest paid about one month before the exhibition begins or, after agreement with Gallery Sigvardson, on the day of arrival.
  6. Accepted artists are responsible for shipping and insurance cost to and from the gallery and during the exhibition.
    NB. Do not send Glass Frames!
  7. Accepted artwork must be delivered by hand or by post to Gallery Sigvardson by the stated deadline to be included in the show. Accepted artists will be notified of the specific dates and deadlines for their specific show when they receive their acceptance notification.
  8. Gallery Sigvardson reserves the right to use submitted work for promotional and display
    purposes. The Artist agrees to grant permission to Gallery Sigvardson to use the exhibited artworks on the Gallery's web site, other media for marketing and printing for offline marketing of the artist. Artist credit by name will be given in every possible case. Artist must notify Gallery Sigvardson if they do not wish their artwork to appear in print or publication.
  9. Gallery Sigvardson reserves the right to change the place and / or date of the exhibition, giving notice to all interested parties.
  10. Exhibition fee is not refunded for any reason whatsoever. Failure to attend the exhibition, does not entitle to any reimbursement.
  11. Gallery Sigvardson reserve the right to update or amend these terms at any time. It is therefore your responsibility to check the terms regularly for any changes.
  12. Any disagreements settled by a Danish court in the jurisdiction where the Gallery Sigvardson has his business address, or by a Danish lawyer or a legal expert, if the parties can agree to appoint the concerned lawyer or legal expert.
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